Septic Solutions® carries a large selection of septic tank alarms, control panels, and float switches. Our septic tank alarm product line covers many applications including various high water alarms, control panels for aerobic treatment systems, simplex pump station control panels, duplex pump station controls, float control switches, float pump switches, and miscellaneous parts.

Our customer service team can also help you design a custom control panel for your needs if one of our stock options does not work for your applicaiton. With nearly 25 years experience in the wastewater industry, our company can provide you with the knowledge that you need to purchase one of our quality products.

Choosing the Correct Control Panel

Purchasing and replacing a control panel can be a daunting task for most homeowners, but it is a challenge that is not as complex as one might think. In this article I will discuss the basic types of control panels that Septic Solutions carries and how to decide which panel will work best for your application.

Our control panels are broken down into three groups: Aerobic Control Panels, Simplex Control Panels, and Duplex Control Panels. I will discuss each group in further detail below, but here is what you need to know about each group. The Aerobic Control Panels are for Aerobic Treatment Systems or in simpler terms, septic systems with an air pump. Simplex Control Panels are used with a single submersible pump, usually in a lift or pump station. Duplex Control Panels are designed for use with two submersible pumps, also usually in a lift or pump station.


The control panels in our Aerobic Control Panels group are designed for use with an Aerobic Treatment system. Aerobic Treatment systems can vary in their design, depending on the system and even on the area in which you live. For this reason, we have a fairly large selection of panels in this category. However we can split these further into two more categories: Air Pump with Submersible Pump Systems and Air Pump Only Systems.

To make a decision on which panel will work best for your particular system, you need to figure out what the components are of your system. Every aerobic system will have an air pump, that is a given. Some systems but not all will have a submersible pump to remove the water from the system sending it either to a secondary treatment system, or commonly a drip irrigation or spray irrigation system. The type of system you have will determine which control panel functions you will need. See these options discussed futher below.


The Simplex Control Panels group consists of two panels, each designed to control a single submersible pump application. These panels work great with most any effluent or sewage pumping station. Some always ask, well what is the real purpose of using a simplex control panel instead of simply powering my pump station direct and putting in a high water alarm? There are many advantages, and I will explain.

A Simplex Control Panel gives you many options that you cannot achieve on a direct wire installation. The first and probably most important is it puts your high water alarm and submersible pump on separate circuits. This means if the submersible pump fails and blows the breaker, your high water alarm is still functional. Secondly, our simplex panels allow you to use multiple floats to operate the submersible pump. The panel is designed to have an “OFF” float and an “ON” float for the pump. This gives you a lot more flexibility in setting your pumping range. The next big advantage of a simplex panel is it gives you the option to manually bypass the floats and test the pump. This makes for easy troubleshooting, and also the ability to manually kick the pump on if ever necessary.

Our Simplex panels provide all of the options above in one easy to install package. The only thing you need to know before buying a Simplex panel from us, are you using 120V or 230V? We have a panel for either voltage installation.


Duplex control panels give you all of the great advantages as described in the Simplex panel section above, with a big added bonus. These panels can run two pumps. The most common application for this is a system that needs a backup pump in place in case the original pump fails. Our Duplex panel will alternate cycles between the two pumps, making sure both are in working order throughout the lives of the pumps. If one of the pumps fails, the panel will give the high water alarm, and automatically kick on the other pump.

This type of set up ensures that you will always have at least one pump in working order. Our duplex panel can accept either 120V or 230V. The floats are included with the panel, and one set of floats will run both pumps, keeping the wiring in the tank much less tangled.